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Knowledge is power: What does my Health Insurance cover?

Q: What are “covered services”? A: Basically, “covered services” are services such as tests, drugs, and treatment services that your insurance company agrees to pay in terms of certain benefits listed in your health policy.  On the other hand, your … Continue reading

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Medicare recipients in donut hole to see 50 percent discount on brand name drugs in 2011.

Three months ago, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services along with Vice President Joe Biden announced that U.S. drug manufacturers will provide 50 percent discounts on the cost of brand-name prescription drugs for Medicare Part D beneficiaries.  Speaking … Continue reading

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Medicare & Health Screenings

What health screenings do I need and does Medicare pay for them? How can I avoid serious illnesses and detect diseases early?  This final video installment answers your questions… Video source by: Humana.

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A brief summary on Health Care Reform’s new ‘Non-discrimination Rules.’

Under healthcare reform, employers are now required to make sure they are not discriminating in favor of highly compensated individuals, or (HCIs) in terms of who’s covered and by contribution amounts.  The rules apply to non-grandfathered fully-insured plans only and have … Continue reading

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Video Post: Medicare Advantage Plan

In this next video installment, it takes a look at the differences between traditional Medicare, and Medicare Advantage Plans… Video source by: Humana.

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The Medicare Process: A Step-by-Step guide.

In a 3 part video series, you will learn about the process of Medicare and all its parts (Parts A-D), the difference between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans, and last but not least, a tutorial on Medicare and Health … Continue reading

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Facts about Bonus Drugs under the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.

The so-called “Bonus Drugs” are certain drugs that are not part of a typical prescription drug program.  In short, these drugs can be purchased using the Part D plan’s cost-sharing discount or co-payments, which means buying these bonus drugs would … Continue reading

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