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Smoking before Menopause Increases Breast Cancer risk.

In a new article from the January 24 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of JAMA/Archives journals, reveals that smoking before menopause could be associated to an increased risk of developing breast cancer.  Data from the study came from … Continue reading

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Healthcare Reform Fight Goes On: A Focus on Family Physicians.

As both Democrats and Republicans weighed-in last week over healthcare reform, some Americans are reaping the benefits of having health insurance for the first time, while others are doubtful of the economic recovery that the law promised to bring in … Continue reading

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Too much Salt…not good for seniors and everybody else.

  In a recently published journal by the American Heart Association (AHA) titled, “Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association,” the organization reinforced that sodium, or salt intake for Americans should not exceed to 1500 milligrams daily.  Apparently, that number is … Continue reading

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Will you be affected? Fees for Medicare home health visits looming.

As been widely reported, traditional Medicare recipients are now facing the possibility of being charged for home health visits by nurses, and other health attendants.  A recommendation by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission is pushing Congress to act on legislation … Continue reading

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Medicare’s future: Rising Costs & your Quality of Care.

As the new year began, so did the federal government’s Medicare program.  This year, the goal of the new health care reform law is to reduce growth in Medicare spending, while at the same time improving benefits, and patient care. … Continue reading

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Tips on how to stop Medicare Fraud.

With the open enrollment period for Medicare having just wrapped up, seniors and many other Medicare beneficiaries can sit back and relax for a while.  But with each new year, fraudulent claims are processed by scammers costing billions of government … Continue reading

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2 top research advances in fighting heart disease and stroke for 2010.

  Recently, the American Heart Association & the American Stroke Association unveiled their list of the top 10 major advances in heart disease and stroke research for 2010.  Compiling the list since 1996, AHA president Ralph Sacco said, “We have … Continue reading

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