Too much Salt…not good for seniors and everybody else.


In a recently published journal by the American Heart Association (AHA) titled, “Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association,” the organization reinforced that sodium, or salt intake for Americans should not exceed to 1500 milligrams daily.  Apparently, that number is already adhered to by most health groups for senior citizens who are most susceptible of high blood presssure, or hypertension.  According to the AHA, hypertension is a major public health problem, whereby approximately 90 percent of all Americans will develop hypertension over their lifetime.  Other harmful effects of too much salt intake are risks for stroke, heart attacks, and kidney disease.  The following are some of the journals’ conclusions:

  • As sodium intake rises, so does blood pressure and the risk of negative health outcomes.
  • Independent of its effects on blood pressure, excess sodium intake adversely affects the heart, kidneys, and blood vessels.
  • Scientific evidence on the adverse effects of excess sodium is strong and compelling.

Credit Source: Heart Association Urges all Americans Limit Sodium Intake to 1500 mg, not just Seniors., 1/14/11.

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