Healthcare Reform Fight Goes On: A Focus on Family Physicians.

As both Democrats and Republicans weighed-in last week over healthcare reform, some Americans are reaping the benefits of having health insurance for the first time, while others are doubtful of the economic recovery that the law promised to bring in order to stimulate the economy.  While the Republicans passed the repeal bill in the House, titled, “Repealing the Job-Killing Healthcare Law Act,” 245 to 189 last Wednesday evening, Democrats are expected to defeat the bill in the Senate, and President Obama’s veto power all but ensures it does not mount to anything but a short victory for Republicans (  And outside of Washington, there is a different argument being debated across the country in terms of the number of patients coming in the door of family physician professionals.  With more patients that would come in the door each and everyday, healthcare professionals are weighing whether they could still manage the great number of patients over the quality of care that they could provide.  The likely shortage of health professionals in many levels is one key argument to those oppose to the new law, on the other hand, proponents argue that more patients means more job creation in the long run.  The video below hears both sides of the argument through the perspective of family practice professionals.

Credit Source: Jessica Rettig, ‘After Repeal Vote, Healthcare Reform Fight Goes On.’ 1/24/2011.

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