Health Reform initiative without much disagreement: Prevention

A sample Medicare Card

Since passing the Healthcare Reform law last year (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), the Obama Administration faced criticism not only from the Republican Party but also from health professionals, and even some from the President’s own party.  Much of the debate have focused on how the new law would add even more burden to the national debt.  However, one of healthcare reform’s initiatives that have not been discussed much has been the ‘prevention’ aspect of the law (  Let’s take a look at what health preventive screenings offers:

And with so much attention brought upon by criticism from his political opposition (some justified/some not), the Obama Administration has not made much effort to shift the focus of the benefits of these free preventive screenings to the general public’s overall consciousness.  Nevertheless, these prevention programs are aimed to lessen serious illnesses for people that utilizes it in the future.  Perhaps with that in mind, the political rhetoric regarding healthcare reform would have been less partisan and chaotic than it was since it became law last year.

Credit source:, ‘Four Medicare Misconceptions’ (2/20/11) &, ‘Healthcare Reform focuses on prevention’ (3/7/11).

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