Yoga: Getting Started and Useful Tips.

Interested in learning Yoga?  Many classes are available in most areas where you live and instructors, or Yogis are there to help you.  Yoga exercises improves health by reducing stress and its aim is to reach a person to a relaxed state of mind.  Below is a video which illustrates Chair Yoga exercises for senior citizens, as well as tips to get you started to become a Yoga student…

  1. Find a studio: You’d be surprise to find many studios near where you live.  The Yoga Journal ( has an extensive list of studios in your area.  Just type in your ZIP code for a list of studios and the styles they offer.
  2. Find a Teacher: Once you find a studio, most often they’d post teacher biographies on their websites.  According to Michelle Marlahan, owner of Sacramento’s It’s All Yoga, “Kindness, humor, heart, ‘walking the talk’, plus being in touch with nature, spirituality, and mindfulness are all qualities to look for in an instructor.” 
  3. Avoid getting hurt: Yoga is not a competitive thing and one should listen to their bodies first before trying it out.
  4. Styles of Yoga (choose one): Some of the styles of yoga are the following…
  • Vinyasa Flow: In what’s called “breath-synchronized movement,” students perform a series of postures flowing into one another, connected by breath.
  • Asthanga: This style is often referred to as “power” yoga, this features a vigorous series of poses linked by conscious breathing.
  • Bikram (“Hot”): Commonly known as the “hot” style of yoga, students perform a series of poses in a room heated to 100 to 105 degrees.

Credit sources: Video by ExpertVillage & tips from “Getting into Yoga: Tips on how to start” (Sacramento Bee, 3/13/2011) by Sam McManis.”

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