7 Summer Trip destinations for Baby Boomers


With the summer season right around the corner, baby boomers are planning their vacation getaways.  The summer travel season is the perfect time for boomers to enjoy many travel destinations around the world.  Whether it’s for a short summer vacation with the family, themselves, or with the grandkids…many baby boomers now have more time and freedom to enjoy the retirement years.  Here are 7 Trip ideas for the perfect summer getaway…

  1. Alexandria, Virginia: This city is ideal for those that prefer to do many activities, while enjoying their time off.  Travelers would find a cheese and wine appreciation class at the popular store Cheesetique or learn digital photography and ceramics at the Torpedo Factory Art Center’s Art League School.
  2. Mount Airy, North Carolina: Mount Airy is synanymous with the classic TV Show The Andy Griffith Show, which inspired the show’s fictional setting of Mayberry.  A nostalgic theme atmosphere abounds where the shows’ artifacts can be seen in the Andy Griffith Museum.  And nearby are golf courses, as well as wineries.
  3. White Mountains, New Hampshire: If camping in the woods or hiking is your cup of tea then this is the place.  Great scenery awaits travelers in the Appalachian trail and nearby mountaintops.
  4. State of Alaska: Mountains and moose, rain forests and the Alaskan culture will be appreciated here.  The state capital Juneau is home to the famous Mendenhall Glacier.  And sightseeing by ferry is also less expensive and more intimate, compared with traveling by cruiseship.
  5. Paris, France: Most commonly known as the city for lovers, Paris now offers more attractions such as the work of landscape artist Henner; a romantic walk down the Champs-Elysees is always preferred.
  6. Cedar City, Utah: Cedar City offers Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks, and the canyon called Kanarra Falls.
  7. Costa Maya, Mexico: Costa Maya is for those looking for a more low-key, cultural-tourism destination.  Ancient Mayan ruins and ancient pyramids is what you’d come to expect from this Mexican destination.

Credit source: ‘A Travel Boom!’ by Michael Schuman (Grandparents.com).

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  1. Jolie says:

    I agree with your details , wonderful post.

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