Tai Chi: Good Exercise for the Mind and Body

What is Tai Chi?  Tai Chi Chuan, or most commonly, ‘Tai Chi’ is a soft form of martial arts that dates back to ancient China.  Used today in competitive tournaments and as a form of exercise by health practitioners, Tai Chi’s goal is to teach people how to deal with stress by relaxing your mind and calming your body before acting out your thoughts.  Tai Chi emphasizes slow, flowing and graceful movements rather than force and strength typical in kung fu or karate.  There are different tai chi postures and movements as well similar to other martial arts movements.  Furthermore, Tai Chi is a welcome form of aerobic exercise for seniors since it improves balance, mobility, and increases one’s health and longevity.

As one of the fastest growing fitness activity in the United States, here are some of Tai Chi’s main health benefits:

  • stress reducer
  • improved balance
  • decreased risk of falls
  • relief from muscle pain and stiffness
  • increase in flexibility and endurance

Like with any form of exercise, it is recommended to tell your doctor first if you are fit and healthy to take part with Tai Chi’s slow form of exercise.  Always use caution before any physical activity to avoid injuries.  The following videos shows what Tai Chi is all about, and how it could benefit your health and well-being…

How Tai Chi can benefit senior citizens

“Brush Knee” Tai Chi Movement

Credit source: About Tai Chi by Tina Lang, ehow.com

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