Medicare and the GOP Budget Plan

There has been much debate between the GOP budget plan as a credible plan to save Medicare as we know it today versus Democrats’ charge of the plan as nothing more than a disservice against the elderly in our nation.  All politics aside, one thing is certain: budget cuts are needed to cut our nation’s 14 trillion budget deficit.  And with the current state of entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, perhaps the GOP Plan may solve our nation’s debt crisis in such a way that would improve the burden of Medicare on our nation’s taxpayers.  Below is Chairman of the House Budget Committee Rep. Paul Ryan on the GOP’s Budget Plan as it relates to Medicare…

Credit source: PBSNewshour for video.

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1 Response to Medicare and the GOP Budget Plan

  1. Brendon says:

    I definitely knew about almost all of this, but with that said, I still assumed it turned out practical. Great post!

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