HOW TO: Save Gas And Improve Fuel Economy


As gas prices continue to go up, you can take many steps to ease the burden on your pockets.  Obviously, you can walk, catch a bus, ride a bike or even carpool in order to save money.  But if driving a car or truck is your primary mode of transportation, the following gas saving tips should help you improve on your gas mileage:

  • Try to plan your destination into as many errands as possible when you’re in a certain area.
  • Try to do your errands on the way to and coming home from work to increase gas mileage.
  • Change your oil as recommended by your car owner’s manual as this can improve fuel economy by about 1%.
  • Keep tires properly inflated; under inflated tires can result in 2-3% decrease in gas mileage.
  • Keep your tires aligned as well to extend tire life.
  • Avoid rush hour traffic or congested roads that may become gridlocked.

Also, you can check online for the cheapest local gas stations in your area.  Most importantly, drive safely!

Credit source: Pete Marks (, ‘Increase Gas Mileage Improvement’).

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