How Are We Doing? Please Give us Some Feedback!

With nearly thirty years in the health insurance brokerage business, we have consistently provided our clients with great customer service, and the help they need to choose the best health plans for them and at the price they deserve.  We strive to be the best source for our clients with our array of online services that gives them a comprehensive list of insurance companies in California, and free health insurance quotes. 

As part of our goal to continue our commitment in bringing you exceptional and great customer service with your health, dental, life, and other insurance needs – we have recently established a new business venture for our Senior client base called Medicare Insurance Advisors.  This new side of our business is geared towards our growing Medicare client base and includes the same great service, support, and experience that you have come to know from our main business in Independent Insurance Brokers.  In turn, we are now a part of the social media universe with platforms on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and in this business blog. 

Thus, we would like to know what you think about our business, and the recent changes we’ve made with regards to your online insurance shopping experience.  What things can we improve on?  Any suggestions, questions, or comments are all welcome.  Leave us a message or contact us directly.  Thank You!

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