5 Ways to Keep up and have fun with your Grandkids

Part of the joys of retirement is having our grandkids around to play with and enjoy their company.  But our aging bodies has resulted in muscle loss, loss of mobility, or decreased bone density.  Therefore, keeping your bodies healthy and active is important for you to keep up in order for you to enjoy the times you have with your grandkids.  Here are 5 ways to stay healthy and have fun with your grandkids at the same time:

  1. Be realistic.

Whether the grandkids come by for a visit or you see them once in a while, it’s good to maintain your fitness level to do various activities with them effectively.  The best overall exercise to do to strengthen your muscles is walking.  Walking exercises are good when strolling around the yard or the neighborhood with the grandkids.  Playing with blocks or a board game are activities you can enjoy doing inside the house as well with them.

2. Go easy on the joints.

If you’re swimming or playing games in the pool, moving around in the shallow end of a pool decreases stress on your joints and provides resistance for strengthening your muscles.  Playing games with your grandkids in the pool is not only fun but great exercise as well.

3. Conserve your energy.

If the kids are coming over for a weekend, do your preparations well ahead of time and don’t exhaust yourself.  After all, you can’t enjoy them when you are already tired.  It is good to relax before they come over and have your activities done beforehand.

4. Take care of your back!

When you go out with the kids, have them carry some of their stuff with size-appropriate backpacks; you don’t end up being the pack mule.  Backpacks should weigh no more than 10 to 15 percent of what the child weighs.  Also, its good to bend your knees and keep your head and chest up when lifting babies and small children.

5. Make sure you’re well-grounded.

Invest in new shoes or flip-flops as old, worn-out shoes stress your ankles, knees, and hips more than you realize.  Firm footing means relief to your joints and lets you have fun with activities with the grandkids.

Credit source: The American Physical Therapy Association.

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